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Вернуться в Буря в Пустыне. 1989 - 1992

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El Jiraffo
El Jiraffo

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Сообщение El Jiraffo » 15.11.2007 16:55

Friendly fire
Of the 147 American troops who died in battle, 24% were killed by friendly fire, a total of 35 service personnel. A further 11 died in detonations of allied munitions. Nine British service personnel were also killed in a friendly fire incident when a USAF A-10A Thunderbolt-II attacked a group of two Warrior IFVs.

"Дружественный огонь"
Из 147 военнослужащих армии США, погибших в бою, 24% были убиты своими - всего 35 человек. Ещё 11 погибли при взрывах союзнических боеприпасов. Также 9 британских военнослужащих погибли во время инцидента с обстрелом британской колонны штурмовиком А-10 ВВС США (видео схожего инцидента в 2003 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kebG_eHLD4 )
Кто оденет маскхалат капрала Папича?...
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Сообщение Pastor » 29.11.2007 01:21

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Gu ... pment#Iraq
Вооружение сторон в плане Техники.

Films about the Persian Gulf War
* Bravo Two Zero
* Courage Under Fire
* The Finest Hour
* Jarhead
* Lessons of Darkness
* Live From Baghdad
* Heroes of Desert Storm
* Three Kings
* In the Army Now (actually a film about a fictional engagement between the US and Libyan forces invading Chad)

Video games related to the Gulf War

* Super Battletank War in the Gulf
* Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer
* Conflict: Desert Storm
* Conflict: Desert Storm 2(back to Baghdad)
* Patriot

Собсно сама Война в Заливе
"Дайте мне британцев, и я переверну земной шар! А если мне дадут ещё и голландцев, то я его и на ... проверчу"! (с) (Открытие 2012)
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Сообщение Bender » 09.01.2008 15:11

* Desert Shield and Desert Storm Operations were the largest
U.S. deployment of naval forces since World War II

* 19 January 1991 - U.S.S. Louisville (SSN-724) was the first
U.S. Navy submarine to launch a TOMAHAWK cruise missile
in combat while submerged in the Red Sea

* February 1991 - Battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) and
USS Wisconsin (BB-64) fired their 16 inch guns in action
for the first time since the Korean War

* 2 August 1990 - Iraqi invasion of Kuwait caused the build up of
U.S. and Allied Forces was called
"Operation Desert Shield"


* First employment in combat of 2d Marine Division,
as a division, since WWII

* First use of M-60 tank with applique armor in combat

* First employment in combat of M1A1 tanks

* First AV-8B Harrier combat missions launched from aboard ships

* First use of ANGLICO in support of Arab Forces in combat

* First long range Non-combatant Evacuation Operation
employing night aerial refueling

* First use MOPP Level 4 NBC gear in desert environment

* First employment of USMC Surveillance, Reconnaissance,
and Intelligence Group (SRIG) in combat

* First use of remotely piloted vehicles (RPV's)
in combat for surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting

* First surrender of enemy prisoner of war (EPW) to an RPV

* First use of F/A-18D in combat

* First surrender of EPW to F/A-18

* First employment by USMC of senior warrior sensor suite

* First use of Maverick laser guided munitions in combat

* First use of B-52's in direct support role for minefield breaching

* First use of engineering mineplows in large scale
barrier breaching operations

* Force Service Support Groups from I MEF and II MEF
reorganized into a unique task organization of two
General Support Groups and two Director Support Groups

* First use of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU) in combat

* First Maritime Preposition Force (MPF) employment in combat,
proved concept works in practice to include compositing
MEBs into a MEF

* First deployment of a force automated service center
(eventually 3 separate computer systems) and activation
of a 4th Supported Activities Supply System (SASSY) Management Unit

* First use of a commercial motor transport battalion (trucks, buses)
with both third nation drivers and Marines,
to augment transportation requirements

* First manufacturing of Ration Supplementary Support Packages
(RSSPs) by Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany,
to provide health and comfort items until exchange services could
be established in theater

* First release of Prepositioned War Reserves stocks in
such a large quantity

* First major combat commitment of the Marine Corps
after creation of Marine Corps Research,
Development and Acquisition Command and
Marine Corps Combat Development Command,
two commands that played key roles in early fielding
of equipment, training support in theater,
fielding assessment teams

* First experience dealing with significant amounts of
"remain behind equipment"
left by units falling in on MPS equipment

* First commitment of virtually all Marine Corps mine field
breaching equipment in the inventory to meet a
critical operational requirement

* First time Logistics Readiness Coordination Center at HQMC
functioned for extended period (210 consecutive days),
as clearinghouse for service-level logistics issues

* First time Fleet Hospitals have been employed as well
as the two Hospital Ships, Mercy and Comfort

* First time Aviation Logistics Support Ships (TAV-Bs)
have been employed

* First time four Naval Construction Battalions have been
under the operational control of a MEF

* First time an Army Mechanized Brigade has been supported by a MEF

* First time a British Armored Brigade has been under the
operational control of a MEF, and partially integrated into the staff
functioning and combat service support functions of the MEF

* First time Marines have moved and supported such large units,
two divisions so often over such great distances

* First use of Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron (MPSRON),
for seaborne mobile logistics

* First deployment of Marine forces in combat using
U.S.Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) ,
and its Transportation Component Commands (MTMC, MAC, MSC)

* First use of Blount Island, Florida as a major seaport of embarkation (SPOE) ,
for both Marine Corps and Army Forces

* First use of Fleet Marine Force Europe to coordinate logistics
support throughout Europe in support of another theater
Commander in Chief
* While you are reading this- your enemy is training
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Bender писал(а):
* First surrender of enemy prisoner of war (EPW) to an RPV

Это блин как?
Как одену портупею, так тупею и тупею...
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Сообщение Bender » 09.01.2008 19:21

To targon
29 января группа из 40 солдат и офицеров иракской армии обнаружили над своим бункером летательный аппарат, подумав что это штурмовик коалиционных войск- немедленно подняли белый флаг.Это было задокументированно видеокамерой беспилотного летательного модуля- который использовался для разведки и наведения на цель самолетов 4 и 1 авиакрыльев морской пехоты.
* While you are reading this- your enemy is training
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