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Сообщение fishman » 21.11.2008 18:05

письмо от 18.09.2008
Dear Sir:

STAR RAINBOW TOYS CO., LTD ( As well knows as“SRC”) is one of the airsoft guns & automatic electric guns (AEG) export-manufactures company in Taiwan. Headquarter was established in 1993 and served as a scale model wholesaling agency from Japan, USA and Europe in Taiwan's toy domestic market.

Higher Value:

Here at SRC, we are focused on developing a close relationship with our customers by providing the best service and the highest quality in products. As a result, we have achieved the highest brand imagine and satisfaction in the current market. As we continuously develop new products and improving existing products. Our ultimate goad is to provide you the best in quality and value.

You sure can depend on our professionalism. Your comment & support will be appreciated.

We sincerely invite you to build a long-term business relationship as we are your most trustworthy partners in the business.

Awaiting for your early reply soon.

Best Regards

Rotin Chen

TEL:886-2-82853848 FAX 886-2-28484622
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