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Сообщение » 08.10.2007 03:12

собственно поскольку возникают вопросы - как сделать внешний источник газа при переходе на классику - скопирую сюда описание что где как взять

оригинал - здесь - ... s-Setup-lt

Originally posted by Tumerboy
[br]Alright, well I've been meaning to do this for a while. I get questions a lot about what parts to get for an air rig, as I'm sure many of others around here do. I also remember how confusing it was for me when I first tried to get one together. It took a lot of scouring & searching the boards and I was still confused. With that, I've broken down & taken pictures of my rig. I know you will probably want to correct me, or tell me what I'm doing wrong, that's fine. I welcome all contributions to this. My only goal is to make it a little easier for someone to get a grasp on what they need to get started.

With that said, here we go:

all the part numbers are for]


Nickel-Plated Mini Quick-Disconnect Coupling Plug X 1/8" NPT Male, Straight Through
In stock at $3.73 Each

This is 1 half of a Quick Disconnect (QD) coupling. This end is the male plug end that fits into the socket. This piece is just a pass through, you can see all the way through it.

Nickel-Plated Mini Quick-Disconnect Coupling Socket X 1/8" NPT Male, with Shut-Off Valve
In stock at $10.35 Each

This is the other half of the QD fitting. This is the socket end that the plug fits into. This is the end that shuts off the air, so you have to have this on the Tank side of the connection, not on the gun side.

Metric Glass-Filled Nylon Instant Fitting Female Straight Adapter for 6mm Tube Od, 1/8" BSPP
In stock
Quantity Each
1-9 Each $3.85

This is an instant push fitting for 6mm hose. For my rig, I need 2 of them. I have one on each of the two QD pieces. Note that the threads on these pieces is different from the rest. They will work, however you need to use a couple of wrenches to get the pieces together. Notice in the first picture that these pieces do not thread all the way on. They don't have to, just far enough to get a good seal (a few revolutions.)

Metric Glass-Filled Nylon Instant Fitting Male Straight Adapter for 6mm Tube, 1/8" BSPT
In stock
Quantity Each
1-9 Each $2.45

This is a Male 6mm Instant Push fitting. This is the piece that screws into the Palmer's Regulator.

Gearless 304Ss Case Gauge 2% Mid-Accuracy 1-1/2" Dial, 1/8" NPT Male Center Back, 0-300 PSI
In stock at $5.27 Each

This is the 0-300 gauge that screws into the second port on the Palmer's Regulator.

Note that you can replace the whole QD set with a simple dual ended push fitting such as 5225K62, however I like having the QD shut off, so that I can quickly change guns without having to turn off the regulator.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM or email me, or just post here. And anyone who'd care to contribute/correct whatever I've got, by all means do so.

Edit1: Oh and I purposely left out the number for the hose, because I really hate my hard, inflexible 6mm nylon hose, so if anyone can suggest a good soft, flexible coiled or noncoiled hose, please do.

Edit2: It has been noted by others below, that you can also use Barb fittings in place of the QD/push connects that I am using. the part numbers are:
9414K81 - Pass through
9414K36 - Socket
Some people have mentioned that barbs could have a higher chance of failure, though others have said that they have been used for years without problem, so it is your choice.
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Сообщение Sniper[VLZ] » 04.12.2010 02:13

Ссылка битая, картинок нету... эх..
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The Saint
The Saint

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Сообщение The Saint » 05.12.2012 09:54

Подправил ссылку и картинки ибо пережил уже наверное три армагеддона.

Еще ссылка по теме:

И еще одна: ... 282#550282

Тема поднималась пользователем Anonymous 05.12.2012 09:54.
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