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The Hybrid Office: Enter With Caution

Рации, разгрузки, защита, камуфляж и т.д.

Модераторы: _Дмитрий_, A x e l, Ori Flame

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The Hybrid Office: Enter With Caution


Amid much personal tragedy, the unanticipated success of the pandemic era has been the ability of businesses of every size to move work from offices to homes. Both start-ups and large enterprises, especially those filled with knowledge workers, report that the WFH trend has done little to hinder productivity. Some have gone further. Facebook has announced that its employees can plan to work from home through at least the summer. Twitter and others have suggested working from home indefinitely. Bill Gates predicts that going forward there will be 50% less business travel and 30% less days in the office. Yet Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said that he sees no positives in working from home and not being able to get together in person.

Most companies are taking a cautious approach, preparing to bring more people into the office in the second half of the year when vaccine distribution ramps up. Now comes the harder part: will the return to a post-pandemic work environment be as seamless as the shift to working from home?

For the last few months, CEOs and their human resource teams are hearing from employees who want a “hybrid model” – a work arrangement where there is more flexibility about coming into an office and more use of video conferencing for meetings, collaboration, and employee check-ins. Many organizations have already started experimenting with hybrid work models and like what they see.

For the start-up world, where focus and speed are paramount, the question is blunt: can a small, growing, and tight-knit team find success when part of the team is together in a workspace, and part connects by video conference?

There will be some obvious considerations: no start-up company should compromise the health and safety of employees. There should also be some much-needed re-evaluation of an office schedule that demands long hours coupled with a 90-minute commute.

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