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Hello from Canada

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

Модераторы: NapalmNymph, Jola

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Сообщение BlackRain » 06.12.2010 21:58

Hello All,
just dropping you a line to say hello to all the Russian Airsofters. I would love to go to Russia and attend an event there sometime in the near future. My team 82nd Devil Dogs will be attending Berget 10 and we are looking to meeting and making some new friends from around the world.


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Сообщение skinner » 07.12.2010 12:39

Hello BlackRain,

Good to see you here. Any questions/discussions are welcomed.

Russian troops visit Berget every year, will definitely be there for Berget 9 and will hopefully attend Berget 10.

FYI: here is also a decent CADPAT community.
The first vehicles normally on the scene of a crime are ambulances and police cruisers. If you are armed you have a chance to decide who gets transported in which vehicle, if you are not armed then that decision is made for you.
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Сообщение BlackRain » 08.12.2010 11:04

Unfortunately we were unable to make the next Berget but have our sites set on the 10th anniversary game. We are really looking forward to getting to that event.
I happen to have a bunch of cadpat gear I am currently selling right now if you know of anyone looking. All genuine issue and in excellent shape.... I have jackets, pants, winter and summer gloves and 1 pair of winter coveralls in cadpat as well that are brand new.

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Сообщение Marduk » 08.12.2010 17:33

Let them know what you've got for sale.
Best, A.
Memento Audere Semper.
Staan vas, staan vas, Suid-Afrika!
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