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Thank you to all Russian GPW veterans

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

Модераторы: Jola, NapalmNymph

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Сообщение Tascabe » 06.06.2009 22:24

While the western world celebrates the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normady, I want to express thanks to our allies in the East.

Had the Russian people not endured the previous years of war with the Germans the D-Day invasion may have gone very different.

The stubborn defense and later offense of the Russian military and civilians pulled large amounts of German troops and equipment away from the rest of the war in Northern Africa and Western Europe.

So - if any of you know somebody that participated in the GPW in any capacity - thank them for me.
Atleast one American understands that they contributed greatly to the victory over the Axis powers and saved many American and other Allied lives on those beaches in France.
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el Coyote
el Coyote

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Сообщение el Coyote » 06.06.2009 22:44

Продаем подсумки вудланд, combatshirt flecktarn, привод.
aka "отец Сарказмус"
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Сообщение Dj_stecca » 09.06.2009 02:53

Quote!!! ;001;
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