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Going to St Petersburg

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

Модераторы: NapalmNymph, Jola

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Сообщение Hymer » 08.01.2009 15:12


My name is Joakim Fridh. 22yrs old from Sweden. Have played airsoft for 3 years.

Me and my friend is going to St Petersburg in April and it is our first visit to Russia.

It would be cool to hang out whit some one who can show us the city and maby some partying and stuff like that. If someone would be intrested in that it would be cool =)

Hope i get some replys now =)

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Сообщение Zerg1ing » 16.01.2009 00:15


You' d better ask about visit on the conference of airsoft players from Petersburg (here - mostly from Moscow and other regions of Russia)
Try here:

If you have any questions, write in this topic, will try to help you =)
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