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Proper tent lighting

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

Модераторы: NapalmNymph, Jola

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Сообщение Tascabe » 14.04.2008 07:51

We used kerosene wick lanterns for East Wind but they are a little lacking in light output.

What is the correct lighting for inside the command post tent?

As always pics of the real thing would be very helpful.
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Сообщение skinner » 15.04.2008 14:16

Brunton Glorb could be a good choice of bright, long-lasting and safe light source, which, in addition to these advantages, will not burn out the oxygen inside the tent and has a reasonable price tag: ... -00079.htm

PS. Hope that your interest to the Soviet Army equipment is not extended so far that it will prohibit you from usage of LED lamps :wink:
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Сообщение Alrick » 15.04.2008 14:48

If you seek authenticity, solar oil lamps look like the safest choice that you might have. I think that battlefront army doesn't have the luxury of using electric light sources :) For a bit less authenticity and more comfort, resorting to the thing skinner linked is the best you can do.

I suppose that the best way to find something Russia-related is to use Google with Russian key-words (something along the lines of 'осветительные приборы российская армия' in this case, though actually finding something may be rough in this particular case). Russian-languaged wiki may also help. You'd need pictures more than text anyway.

If you're at a loss about actual words to use, just ask us :) Also please feel free to contact me via ICQ if you need any translations. Just remember that we're 10 timezones apart :)

The pics of your events look cute btw. It's a bit unusual to see someone reproduce our army in such detail, but it's a nice thing so watch in any case. Keep up with the good work!
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Сообщение Tascabe » 15.04.2008 17:59

Thank you for the information.

We are tryng to get as close as we can to real life - however maybe lighting will have to be further away from real :grin:

We have talked about putting LED lights in old kerosene lamp shells to give the look without the hassle.

I will continue to search some using Alrick's suggestion of Russian words on Google.
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