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Pics from Operation East Wind - March 2008

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

Модераторы: NapalmNymph, Jola

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Автор Сообщение

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Сообщение Tascabe » 09.04.2008 04:02

Thought I would move all the East Wind pics into one thread.

I am working on my AAR and will post that when done. Basic outline of the event was a 6 day long 24hr Airsoft MilSim.
East Bloc forces versus NATO. Sort of an alternate reality as if the Wall did not fall in '89 and this is early 90's on the border netween East and West Germany.

There are many locations right now of people's photos - I will link a few.

We are working to get them all in one place soon.

Pics of the Russian camp etc

http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d112/ ... peastwind/

http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa19 ... /?start=20

Mostly NATO but some really good pics of the East Bloc too


Here are some pics of setting up the NATO camp and the first couple days of operations

http://shoobe01.homeunix.net/~shoobe01/ ... /1012.html

Mostly NATO with a few of the Russian camp

http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa19 ... /?start=20



And finally some form the BGS - there are a few pics of the Russians as well.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukebumble ... 325716039/

We did have a professional photgrapher come out but I have not seen those pics just yet.

I am sure there are more personal pics that have not been posted as well. I will update once I get more pics.
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Сообщение Tascabe » 09.04.2008 22:08

I would love to get some feedback from some of the Russian/Soviet Army vets on here.

What did we do right?
What did we do wrong?

Any suggestions for improving the overall look and feel or operations of the camp for next year?
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Ilya S.
Ilya S.

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Откуда: Москва, Семеновская
Сообщение Ilya S. » 09.04.2008 23:56

If your dressing on 80s your need another boots. I don't now how it on english, something like leather top-boots. Pain for unaccustomed legs but really usefull in such situation:

I like this photo.
Несмотря на то, что я гениален и идеален, самокритика - тоже моя сильная сторона.
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Сообщение Tascabe » 10.04.2008 00:38

yes - some of us did use our Sapogi for some of the time. I should have used them more since they are really perfect for mud and water.

We were aiming for sort of an early to mid 90's look - so some holdover from late 80's as well.

Footwear was one area that we were a little lenient since as you stated the Sapogi can be rough to get used to.
I need to learn and then teach the guys how to do footwraps as well - since I think they might make wearing the Sapogi a little more comfortable -is that true?

I appreciate the feedback though. It will only help us get better at this. There will obviously be things that are not going to be correct - like having to wear goggles etc but we will keep working to get as close as we can.
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Fush [Phoenix]
Fush [Phoenix]

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Команда: Phoenix
В игре: с 2006
Сообщение Fush [Phoenix] » 10.04.2008 03:21

Boots like this one may be used
Material - same with Sapogi ;) No pain - no gain :wink:

This is good impression

This is brilliant!
<p>Всего хорошего, и спасибо за рыбу!</p>
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Сообщение Tascabe » 10.04.2008 11:46

Now I need to locate a pair of those - size 42 Russian.

Any good sources?
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Сообщение Tascabe » 11.04.2008 00:41

Here is the EAST BLOC MAP for reference.

In support of Operation RYAN (РЯН - Ракетное Ядерное Нападение)
7th Company, 5th IRB, 27th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 8th Guards Army, Group of Soviet Forces Germany was issued orders to move to the border and set up a forward command post for operations on the border.

Our sector of Border was between Easting 5597 and Easting 5505 following the South Fork of the Fabius River.

Reconnaissance parties moved to the AO and determined the Command post should be sited in the location of grid 55044715.

Advance work parties then began to move Company infrastructure into place. On March 15th command elements of 7th Company arrived at the camp. Supplies and the remainder of the Company began arriving via convoy throughout the next several days.

Soldats of the 7th Company continued to set up camp and run communications wire to the Grenztruppen forward camp and checkpoint. Additionally, 7th Company began intelligence gathering patrols in their sector to determine the layout and danger areas of this border region.

It was determined that due to steep and unstable river walls this sector of the border was not very passable to motorized columns.

However, NATO Route Gordono intersects the 7th Company’s sector. This unimproved roadway is an authorized tertiary road to Berlin while the main autobahns are being repaired. This route crosses the border at 54974 47253. This crossing was manned by our Socialist Brothers of the NVA Grenztruppen. While they had the sole responsibility for providing policing actions for this sector, we were there to support them should they need assistance.

Due to weather conditions, most of the Company’s vehicle assets were still in garrison save for one Самурй. On the evening of March 17th the Самурй steering coupler broke. Due to the unavailability of rear area support, our only available motorized transport was offline.

At approximately 0730 local on March 18th, all radio communications were lost.
We were able to contact the Grenztruppen via field telephone and were advised they had likewise lost radio contact with their headquarters.

Initial fears of a nuclear attack were confirmed at 1145 via a Mission order delivered by courier to the 7th Company Command post.

Situation: A small atomic weapon was employed against a concentration of 3rd Shock Army units in the Fulda gap region. Communications with the 3rd Shock are lost but for some limited comms from the 248th guards Motor Rifle (Alexander Nevski) who had been dug in on a reverse slope conducting training when the strike came

Thus far NATO troops have been slow to mobilize and have yet to conduct offensive operations outside of the 3rd Shock Army AO.
EMP has resulted in significant damage to tactical level radio transmitters. Repairs are being made as quickly as possible but do not expect tactical radio traffic to be restored quickly.

Mission: The 5th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion has been ordered to immediately move north into the 3rd Shock armies’ area of operations in order to fix the location of the NATO forces operating there. The balance of he 27th Division will realign to cover the northern flank of the 8th Army. The purpose of this action is to gather enough information to allow Soviet troops to regain the control of the front and prepare for offensive operations against NATO forces.

Immediate tasks are: location of the primary NATO offensive thrust and identification of flanks.

Subsequent tasks are: Disruption of NATO offensive operations once information has been passed back.

End state shall be identified as the 8th Guards Tank Army has received timely and correct information regarding NATO activities in the 3rd Shock Army AO and is able to begin offensive operations.

Echelonment of forces: 4th and 9th companies will lead off as the first Echelon. 2nd Company will be the second echelon. The ATGM section as well as the Chemical Reconnaissance platoons from 7th company will make up the Battalion reserve.

Scheme of maneuver: The first Echelon shall probe north parallel to but not on road 63 The second echelon shall follow slightly behind and to the east with their primary axis parallel to the first echelon but following road A instead. Battalion reserve shall follow the 2nd echelon. 7th Company shall be stripped of it’s two chemical recon platoons and will remain in place to act as a OP for this section of front.

Contingencies: In the event significant enemy forces are encountered and 5th IRB units are faced with imminent destruction, 5th IRB units in the 3rd Shock AO should evade using severely irradiated areas to screen their movement as they attempt to link up with the 248th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment. In the event NO enemy activity is located 5th IRB units are to move onto high speed avenues of movement and conduct patrols to determine the enemies intentions. In the event 5th IRB units encounter soft targets they should attack them ONLY after transferring vital information higher.

Algorithm tasked to sub unit commanders. Be certain to check norms on max RAD exposure to troops.

Service and Support: 248th MRR has priority for all fire support. Medevac support mostly dedicated to supporting 3rd Shock assets. Owing to these factors plus poor communication 5th IRB should not expect any non-organic support.

Communications: VHF and UHF radios non functional at this time. 5th IRB units should attempt to contact higher using HF and deployed long wire antennas. 7th Company remaining in position can act as a relay station for any traffic from units deployed in 3rd Shock AO.

Note to Capt. Tascabov, 7th Company commander:

With most of the 5th IRB gone and this section of the front concentrating on more pressing issues you are currently on your own. It was in smaller units such as yours in desperate times such as these that our grandfathers and great grandfathers showed the world what the Soviet Union was made of. Collect local militzia units, probe at the NATO lines, try to gather as much useful intel as possible on the NATO units operating in the area and await further orders. Per Soviet Army SOP you are expected to keep a high tempo of operations in order to keep the NATO troops off balance and stymie any preparations to attack in your area.

The accompanying fallout map showed that the 7th Company was outside the danger zone.
At that time, the remaining elements of 7th Company began to organize for operations.
The camp infrastructure still had to be prepared. Work details were set up for soldats not already on missions.

Due to limited communications with 5th IRB and the Grenztruppen detachment being completely cut off from their HQ, the Grenztruppen were absorbed into the 7th Company’s command.

On the night of the 18th the Grenztruppen appeared in the 7th Company Headquarters having been forced from their post by a “large contingent of NATO troops” (Note: this claim is currently being investigated by the STASI).

Early on the morning of the 19th an assault was carried out against the BGS checkpoint with the intention of stalling any offensive operations through that passage. On the return from this assault the team was able to secure a portion of the abandoned Grenztruppen’s supplies.

With the Grenztruppen away from their post and the route to the border crossing vulnerable to ambushes and isolation, 7th Company Commander chose the ridgeline on Northings 4718 and 4719 to hold against any NATO advances.

In the late afternoon of the 19th repair parts arrived for the Самурй. The vehicle was repaired and functional before dark.
With motorized transport again available, a fast raid was made to the Grenztruppen camp in order to secure more of the critical yet abandoned Grenztruppen supplies.

Later on the 19th a vehicle borne raid was carried out against the BGS checkpoint in order to capture the outpost commander. This raid was successful, though costly, in terms of lost Soldats. During this time other elements of 7th Company conducted a nighttime patrol using both active and passive IR devices.

On the 20th a minefield was laid and additional MON-50s and POMZ-2 mines were placed in likely avenues of advance based on the information gathered by the nighttime patrol.

On the morning of the 21st an updated mission order was delivered to 7th Company.

Situation: 5th IRB has departed into the 3rd Shock Army AO. Negative contact with 5th IRB since they passed Halberstadt. Contact lost with 248th Guards Motor Rifles. 27th Division has drawn south and East to provide security for 8th Guards Tank Army. 7th company 5th IRB last remaining Soviet unit in this sector.

Air assets have noted in passing a NATO facility in the vicinity of 50227244. Prior to the “event”, fairly significant amounts of RF emissions had been noted in this area. It is a fair assumption that this is a signals unit of some sort that is likely acting as a forward relay point for NATO units proceeding into the breech in the 3rd Shock Army AO. There seem to be several signals units similarly placed along the front and given that we have limited strike assets at this time we need to prioritize targets.

Mission: Given that 7th Company is located in close proximity to one of the NATO facilities, 7th Company is ordered to gather as much intel as possible about the NATO facility at/or near 50227244.

Immediate tasks are location of NATO facility, relay of precise location to higher, and notation as to whether the NATO facility seems to have operational transmitters.

Subsequent tasks: are counting all antennae, noting type (sketch if non-tech staff on hand) and is possible capture documents relating to station reflecting the type of traffic the station is engaged in.

End State shall be defined as clear and most importantly, correct intel relayed to higher.

Equipment: No non-organic assets shall be provided to 7th company 5th IRB

Service and Support. No non-organic service and support shall be provided to 7th Company, 5thIRB.

Communications: All tactical level transmitters are offline at this time. Communications should be via either local telephone exchange, deployed HF long wire antenna, or runner.

With these new orders 7th Company began more aggressive operations.

Due to the hard work of the 7th Company’s Communications Officer, the intracompany radios were back online. This returned capability was much appreciated.

During the night of the 20th additional 7th Company assets returned from Battalion reserve. They arrived in a company Иэуэу, providing more motorized transport in the sector.

The morning of the 21st saw the arrival of local Militsia. These fresh troops, along with the returned 7th Company Soldats, were able to make a strong push to clear the above- mentioned ridgeline of enemy skirmishers and prepare for a strong defense.

Several attacks on that position provided intelligence that it was more than the communications unit earlier intelligence reports suggested. Combat engineers were seen and the performance and coordination used by the NATO troops indicated the presence of some quantity of light infantry.

On the night of the 21st two small teams were sent to infiltrate the NATO camp, gather intelligence and disrupt their communications. Both teams successfully infiltrated the NATO camp and returned without being detected. In doing so, they provided intelligence on the types of antennae NATO had deployed. Additionally, one team was able to cut the field phone trunk lines and thereby seriously crippling NATO’s communications infrastructure.

Disruption operations continued on the 22nd. Utilizing 7th Company Soldats and local Militsia, small teams were sent across the border to penetrate the enemy rear areas and disrupt any offensive preparations.

Towards the evening a NATO probe was detected and destroyed by 7th Company. One of the Самурйs was destroyed in this engagement.

Shortly after dark on the 22nd another vehicle borne raid was carried out against the BGS checkpoint. The intent of this raid was to destroy the BGS checkpoint and remove this obstacle for vehicular infiltrations into NATO territory.

Upon returning from this raid, 7th Company received the following Flash message advising the immediate cessation of hostilities.
















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Сообщение Tascabe » 12.04.2008 09:20

Got some more pics in - link to all of them;


A few examples:


Soviet comms tent


Misha at his post


Ever present tea brewing in Soviet mess hall


7 Rota flag and sign post


Tascabe on radio in comms tent


Tascabe answering call on switchboard
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A x e l
A x e l

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Сообщение A x e l » 13.04.2008 14:37

Its very amazing photos, Bro... Nice work! :)
 East Coast does rock!
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