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Searching for some movies. Please help me.

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

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Сообщение hiro » 12.05.2005 23:18

I am looking for a few russian movies and tv-series WITH english subtitles.

1. TV-serie Спецназ, I know there is copies with subtitles, because I saw one in a shop, but for 1400 roubles.

2. Чистилище

Any good movie about WWII, the Afghan war, and the recent Chechnyan conflict. I prefer russian movies, but are also interested in other eastern-block productions
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Сообщение Vladimir[MARLON] » 14.05.2005 10:43

Hiro, hi !

Чистилище, I can give U on VHS in any time.
I can give it ArtOfPain or other man who deliver ot to U.
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Сообщение hiro » 14.05.2005 13:24

I found both the spetsnaz tv-series, and чистилище on our local network. So now I actually have a copy. But only in russian, which I suppose is good for me, as I am trying to learn the language. But if there is a version with subtitles that would make me very happy. Thanks for the offer of a vhs, but I guess it is not necassary.
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Сообщение Chapdelaine » 16.05.2005 14:48

2 niro, you rights , version of the film with subtitle beside us sooner whole no.
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Pavel A. [BC]
Pavel A. [BC]

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Сообщение Pavel A. [BC] » 17.05.2005 23:27

Побег из Афганистана /Escape from Afganistan/ (2002)
links for AVI-files in eDonkey network.
If there is English title maybe it had English vertsion ... nt&sid=853

Forum where user "kino" offers to share documental movies about war in Afganistan

All links were found in search engines and using "фильмы война Афганистан" 8-)))

Also Gruz-300 (Груз-300)
От тайги до Британских морей "Черная гвардия" всех сильней!
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