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M-134A2 Vulcan airsoft minigun

Here you can talk about airsoft game in English.

Модераторы: NapalmNymph, Jola

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Сообщение » 22.10.2004 14:18

News: :shock: WOW!!!!!!!!! ... pp134a.jpg

pipers precision products is proud to annouce the release of their brand new second version of their Vulcan airsoft minigun known as the M-134A2. This M-134A2 Vulcan is an evolution of our original M-134A and each one is CNC machined and assembled by hand on a custom basis and features DOM polished stainless steel full length barrels, two stage bolt system to insure reliability and an increased internal ammunition capacity of close to 6,000 rounds which at 50 rounds per second allows for almost a full minute and a half of uninterupted full-auto fire. It fires using either Co2 or High Pressure Air Paintball styled tanks while the barrel rotation/loading process is accomplished via a high powered battery. It can fire the traditional 6mm plastic airsoft BB's or can be used with unqiue .88 steel 6mm BB's (which should never be used for airsoft skimishing obviously!). Velocity is adjustable via air flow regulators from between 250-600 FPS.

These units will be offered in both the "Terminator 2" hand held configuration or a Dillon Aero/US Army "Blackhawk" gunner tripod mounted style. They also offer a "Predator" backpack which simulates an ammunition can and houses and conceals the air tanks and in addition, includes authentic US Armaments ammunition chuting and deactivated linked 7.62 NATO rounds that connect to the side of the minigun.
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