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Сообщение » 27.07.2004 10:10

I'm fairly new here, but not to the airsoft (strikeball) realms. I looked through the site (what I could read of it), including several pages that I could vaguely read based on general knowledge of the subject being discussed.

Around here, I've had some limited experiences with Russian reenacting prior to joining airsoft, carrying out a 416th RKKA rifle regiment impression for a year or so, and working on developing the first US based Airborne unit.

As for modern uniforms, I know very little, as my area of study has been on WW2 (I have a page on WW2 that has over 300 pages of research, with well over 1000 hours of labor invested).

I did have a couple of questions though. Looking through things, I've always had a love for the airborne (reenacting US, German, and researching Russian, Italian, and Japanese paratroopers of WW2). However, there is very little information available regarding the VDV that is available here stateside. I found one book in Russian that covers the history from 1917 to 1991, but nothing at all in English.

A second question is in regards to the collar-wraps that were worn. A white piece of cloth was worn in WW2 that had to remain white. Was this collar protector still utilized in the 1990s, or was it cancelled. To my knowledge, this tradition was carried at least into the 1980s though.

Any information regarding the VDV and the Noch 91m BDUs (or gear) would be appreciated greatly. I know from what I've seen so far, there was no concrete standards in gear/equipment (a common problem with airborne troops). Sorry about the barrage of questions, but as I said, its hard to find information on Russian gear, and I would love to be able to help out other stateside airsofters to create an appropriate uniform without all the guesswork that seems to go along with it.
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Сообщение TambovskiyVolk » 28.07.2004 05:48

Chaser, i suggest you change the thread's name. the current one definitely doesn't reflect neither your intentions, nor your request :)

Dusty, this one's in need of your expertise.
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Сообщение Igor01 » 19.03.2014 17:48

Hi there Chaser. Try this forum: ... 26b7fd8640 It's in English and is a good place to start, hope you get at least some of your questions answered there.

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