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How To Play The PS5’s Huge New Exclusive

Фото и Видео материалы, обсуждение, творчество, но все по страйкбольной тематике

Модераторы: _Дмитрий_, BOBB [G.I.], Лева, [NLN]Dimm

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How To Play The PS5’s Huge New Exclusive ‘Destruction Allstars’ For Free


Destruction Allstars is the first true PlayStation 5 exclusive since that console launched last year.

The first was Demon’s Souls, a brilliant remake of the original PS3 game. Other than that we’ve had Spider-Man: Miles Morales which launched on both PS4 and PS5, and Bugsnax which also launched on PC (and hardly feels next-gen).

Meanwhile, the story over at Xbox has been even more dismal, with just The Medium out for Xbox Series X|S as a true console exclusive—but it’s out on PC as well.

Now we can go crash cars in style in Sony’s new car combat game, out today on PS5 and PS5 only.

For PS Plus subscribers, this is particularly good news. The game is completely free for subscribers from now through March. It’s probably the best PS+ release of the current hardware generation, and definitely the most fun since Fall Guys last summer.

The PS+ release all but guarantees this game’s success as a smash hit—unless, for some reason, it turns out to be terrible. I’m downloading it today and taking it for a spin. I’ll report back with impressions.

If you don’t have a PS Plus subscription, it might be worth it to sign up for a month or three in order to get this and a few other PS Plus games. If, that is, you’ve managed to get your hands on a PS5.

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