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Inmate allegedly stabs corrections officers

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Inmate allegedly stabs corrections officers, killing 1 and injuring another


The 38-year-old inmate faces several preliminary charges including murder.

An inmate at Indiana State Prison allegedly stabbed two correction officers, killing one and wounding the other, state police said.

Tymetri Campbell, 38, is accused of attacking Sgt. Padrick Schmitt, stabbing him multiple times, on Sunday afternoon, Indiana's Department of Corrections said.

When Lt. Eugene Lasco rushed to help, Lasco was stabbed, too, the Department of Corrections said.

Lasco, 57, died at a nearby hospital, officials said.

Schmitt, 22, is in the hospital in stable condition, the Department of Corrections said.

Lasco had spent 11 years working at the Indiana State Prison, officials said.

"Lt. Eugene Lasco paid the ultimate sacrifice, and we are forever indebted to his service," Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Robert Carter said in a statement. "Lt. Lasco was well-known amongst his colleagues as a true team member, someone they could count on, and he proved that again on Sunday, when he rushed in to help a fellow correctional officer. His sacrifice will not be forgotten."

Campbell faces several preliminary charges including murder, police said. In 2004, Campbell was sentenced to 130 years following three murder convictions, the Department of Corrections said.

Indiana State Prison is in Michigan City, about 35 miles west of South Bend. The maximum-security prison houses 2,300 inmates.

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