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RS International Industry Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

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Модератор: fishman

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За основание!


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Откуда: Москва, Дубровка
Команда: US NAVY ST6
В игре: с июня 1997
Сообщение fishman » 12.01.2009 17:16

Письмо от 07.01.2009
Dear sir or madam,

Wish you have spent a happy and harmony Christmas holiday!

This is Jassimine from Realsword International Industry Hong Kong Co., Ltd. RS is one of professional airsoft gun manufacturers. We are the only company in the market that can offer the replicas with the exact dimensions of real firearms. RS current products are RS Type56, 56-1, 97, 97B, 56-2 and RS SVD. And, the upcoming products will be many Russian AK series. We would like to establish cooperation with you. Please visit our official website ( and consider our proposal.

The first batch of RS SVD is 500 pieces only. Right now, only a few pieces are left here for expanding new markets. If you are interested in 100% real size and material, please do not hesitate to click your keyboard, and then send an e-mail to me.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


Sales Department
RS International Industry Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
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