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Victoria Export Team 18.04.2008

Письма от иностранных производителей и магазинов

Модератор: fishman

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За основание!


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Откуда: Москва, Дубровка
Команда: US NAVY ST6
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Сообщение fishman » 21.11.2008 17:30

письмо от 18.04.2008
Dear Sirs,

Through the kind introduction of Korea Trade Promotion Center in Seoul, we have learned your esteemed company’s name and address who is one of the leading BB pellet importers in your end.

As a well established manufacturer and exporter of various BB products, we wish to serve you with BEST quality and very COMPETITIVE prices for your successful distribution, thus you may become the market leader in your country.

Our product ranges as follow :

We are supplying with various packing methods(poly bag, water bottles and plastic containers) and colors.

We are supplying 0.14GR, 0.16GR, 0.18GR, 0.20GR, 0.23GR, 0.25GR, 0.28GR, 0.30GR, 0.33GR and 0.35GR with above packing & colors.

We have 0.12GR, 0.15Gr, 0.18Gr, 0.20GR, 0.23GR, 0.25GR, 0.28GR and 0.30GR

We are supplying our BB products under the name of our customers’ brands.
At moment, one of our leading European customers is Messrs. Umarex(Walther brand) in Germany.

We have our distributors at each European country except Russian markets.
Therefore, we wish to do the business with you, if mutual business conditions are agreed with.

Upon your kind consideration and evaluation, we hope to hear your kind comments on our business proposal so that we may follow-up(offer and samples) further.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, we remain.

Yours faithfully,

David Lee/president
Our address : Room No. 411, Soochang Bldg., 340-54, Shindang 4 Dong, Chung-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Phone Nos. : 82-2-2235-0325/6 Fax No. : 82-2-2235-3235
e-mail :
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