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Kai-Cheng Industries co.,ltd 28.03.2008

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Dear Sirs,

Who can always keep producing the BBs ball tolerance in +/-0.01mm ?

Who can always provide the competitive price of BB bullet for your market?

Who can with 100% confidence to say their pellets are with protection to the gun barrel and trajectory?

Who can say their pellets always in same quality after stock for a while?

Who can say their pellets always shiny as beginning?

Who can support you only with small quantity shipment?

Who can supply the space to discuss the payment term?

Whom can did the seven “who”~~?

Please contact Kai-Cheng for margin your business.

Kai-Cheng Industries co.,ltd.

Taichung, Taiwan.


Tel: 886-425326636


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Dear Sirs,

You may headache with your BB bullet supplier now. Don’t worry!! We can solve your problems if you release the business opportunity to us.

We are one of professional BB bullet manufacturer in Taiwan. Our factory started from year 2003 and skilled in doing the round shape injection products.

The BB bullet is one of our proud products in that we always kept our products round diameter tolerance in +/-0.01mm. Moreover, we used the special polishing to finish the ball surface to make it easy protect the gun barrel and trajectory.

The specs are available on high grade 0.2g/0.23g0.25g/0.28g. Biodegradable 0.2g/0.25g/0.28g packed in bag or bottle or sack.

As we would like to say that everything can be discussed if you are consider us to be your future supplier. No matter in payment term, prices and delivery.

We are looking forward to your early positive reply.

Best regards,

Kelly Chen,