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8 Tech Products To Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2021

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8 Tech Products To Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2021


The problem with fitness resolutions during a pandemic is that it's not as simple as signing up for a gym membership that you're going to use for a week, then try to justify holding on to for another 11 months. This year, you've got to actually get the right gear to make your resolutions happen.

Luckily, I've spent a lot of time in lockdown testing and trying out a gym's-worth of gear to figure out what works best. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or you're a grizzled gym rat looking for a fix, this is what you'll need to get your sweat on and crush your fitness goals in 2021.

When choosing a gym shoe, you want something that's not only versatile but comfortable. It doesn't hurt if it looks good too. The Cloud X from On ticks all those boxes.

They're light, provide excellent support for running and still have substantial lateral support for cross training. Especially now that it's winter and I'm doing my training in my living room, I want something that easily transitions from the tread to floor workouts. Perfect for Peloton boot camp classes.

The Helion superfoam in the outer sole provides the cushioning you need for lateral movement, while the Speedboard in the center supports more intense up and down motion. The higher sidewalls give the support needed when suffering through yet another round of burpees. The mesh upper breathes wonderfully and is seamless so you don't have to worry about your shoe failing before you do.

On makes a point of offering interesting and stylish colorways as well, so you're not stuck with a pair of clown shoes just because they're the only ones in your size. You have 90 days to try out the Cloud X when you purchase them from the On site, which is more than enough time to see if they’ll transform your at home workout.

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